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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 12th Impact

We keep going over the festival adventure with a few anecdotes taking you behind the scene and celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo. The year 2011 brings us back to the awful earthquake that took place on March 11 that year, an event that marked the festival and all the enthusiasts of Japanese culture.

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For its 12th Impact, on June 30 to July 3, 2011, Japan Expo developed fashion with the creation of the Japan Fashion Days, an event that was entirely dedicated to the latest Japanese trends. It was also an opportunity to welcome a Fashion Guest of Honor, h.NAOTO.

As for cosplay, it got a European dimension with the European Cosplay Gathering with the first finals taking place on the Main Stage in front of 14,000 people who came to admire the costumes and performances of cosplayers from 10 different countries.

The earthquake, focus of the year

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale caused appalling damage in Japan. The long-planned trip of the team of Japan Expo to Japan is delayed following the events. In the next two weeks, many guests cancel their coming to this edition, most of the program has to be rebuilt.

Japan Expo then launched a support campaign, Ganbare Japan!, including the sale of badges and an exhibit with the contributions of many artists. Over 50,000 euros were collected and given to an association which creates orphanages for destitute children.

Japan Expo 12th Impact key figures

4 days · 192,000 attendees · 100,000 sqm · 200 guests · 9,000 badges sold for Ganbare Japan! · 1st European Cosplay Gathering finals · Exhibits dedicated to Osamu Tezuka and Satoshi Kon · 16 showcases · Sonic’s 20th Anniversary

We’ll be back soon with the 12th Impact, to the sound of T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy: ​​​​​follow our news for more information a few days!

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