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Cosplay brings the world together at Japan Expo!

A unifying practice bringing together all the universes of pop culture, cosplay is a flagship discipline found at conventions. Discover the host of activities and guests showcasing their creative talents this year at Japan Expo.

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Where the cosplay champions gather

  • Alyson Tabbitha: In just ten years, Alyson Tabbitha has become a star of the cosplay world. She has worked with giants such as Netflix, Rocksteady Studios, and Warner Bros. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet her during her Meet & Greet sessions!
  • Yaya Han : Yaya Han is a cosplay pioneer who has been making cosplay accessible to everyone for nearly 25 years! She is honoring us with her presence as a jury at this year's ECG contest! 
  • Be More Shonen: Straight from the UK, Minney and Nomes from the Be More Shonen duo, the first Britons to stand on the podium at the World Cosplay Summit, are judges of the ECG and will offer invaluable advice on their booth!
  • TWIIN Cosplay - Shema: Member of the TWIIN Cosplay duo, international judge and World Cosplay Summit Grand Champion, Shema will also be present at the Extreme Cosplay Gathering finale as a judge! 
  • Cinderys: With a reach that extends from conventions to Twitch, via its own books, Cinderys has made its mark by collaborating with giants such as Larian Studios and Blizzard. She will be a judge of the ECG finals, and you can meet her at her booth in the Cosplay Village. 
  • Sai Westwood: Representing Ukraine at the World Cosplay Summit, Sai Westwood will share her experience as a member of the ECG jury and during an exclusive masterclass! 
  • Misaki Mori: A globe-trotting cosplayer who wants to connect the world through otaku culture, Misaki Mori continues to bring cultures together this year with shows mixing J-Pop and K-Pop! 
  • Shirogane-sama: Having turned her passion into her profession 6 years ago, Shirogane-sama embodies her characters down to the last detail, thanks to her talent and her needlework. Take advantage of her expertise in wigs, costumes, and photography at her booth and during her masterclasses!

Dive into the Cosplay events and activities

  • ECG Finals: Europe's biggest cosplay stage, with a capacity for over 14,000 spectators, the Extreme Cosplay Gathering once again invites you to the competition finals on the Ichigo stage on Saturday, July 13, from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. To guarantee your place at this unique event, remember to book your seat with a Star Pass!
  • ECG Season 13 French Selections: On Sunday, July 14th, don't miss the selections for the next ECG competition and find out who will be representing France! See you on the Ichigo stage from 2 pm to 3:30 pm.
  • Cosplay Competition Disney Lorcana : The new TCG sensation Disney Lorcana are organizing their own contest dedicated to their world! Discover or take part in the contest yourself on the Kitsune stage, Saturday July 13 from 12.30pm.
  • Japan Expo Cosplay Show & Amazing Cosplay Show: Cosplayers will have the opportunity to shine on stage during the Japan Expo Cosplay Show and the Amazing Cosplay Show. Don't miss them if you are a Cosplay enthusiast!
  • Rising Cosplay Talent : A launchpad for those just entering the Cosplay community, the Rising Cosplay Talentis the opportunity to make yourself known!
  • Les Dix Lunes: Enter a world of total immersion with Les Dix Lunes association. Try your hand at costumes, sets, and accessories, and try to escape Dolores Umbridge's punishments in a Harry Potter-themed photocall!
  • A.M.F. Cosplay: The art of cosplay is open to all with A.M.F Cosplay! With an emphasis on inclusivity within the cosplay community, the association welcomes you to their booth at Japan Expo to share the passion for cosplay.
  • Kaokig: Kaokig takes a deep dive into character embodiment with the art of Animegao Kigurumi. Using masks based on the traits of anime characters, come and exchange ideas with them and try your hand at this unique discipline!
  • LoveCraft Asso: Lovecraft Asso is dedicated to sharing its talents and advancing the cosplay community as a whole. They offer invaluable advice and even organize costume repair workshops to help enthusiasts of all levels perfect their craft.
  • Manticore Pictures: By offering studio-quality photo shoots for everyone, Manticore Pictures encourages cosplayers of all levels to shine!
  • Alliance Impériale: Star Wars fans will have the opportunity to take their Jedi Master exam with Alliance Impériale! Lightsabers and soldier armor, photo booth, and 3D printing: all aspects of cosplay will be on display at their booth.

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