Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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The professional cosplayer Cinderys is at Japan Expo to give you an eyeful!

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Cinderys is a professional cosplayer and concept/3D artist from Paris, France. She started cosplaying in 2014 to embody badass characters.

In doing so, she enjoys sharing her passion and crafting skills through books, social media, conventions and Twitch streams.

Cinderys has worked with many companies such as Blizzard, Larian Studios, Bungie, Elgato and Steelseries, is a regular guest at cons and a judge at international cosplay contests. She has won several international cosplay awards herself such as the Fan Favorite at TwitchCon or Outstanding Creation and Grand Prize Winner at BlizzCon.

At Japan Expo, meet during the 4 days of Japan Expo, for a masterclass and as a member of the jury for the Extreme Cosplay Gathering final!


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