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Mori Misaki

The itinerant cosplayer returns to Japan Expo to share otaku culture, Japanese culture and her passion for cosplay!

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Mori Misaki is a world-travelling cosplayer, armed only with her suitcase. She travels to conferences to perform on stage in cosplay and share otaku and Japanese culture. At the same time, she began managing a maid café and a danso café, a café in Japan where waitresses are dressed in masculine attire.

After visiting Europe for the first time in 2016, she was impressed to see how much Japanese culture is appreciated outside her country. Convinced that otaku culture will connect the world, she embarks on trips to preach her passions internationally. She makes television appearances and gives interviews about cosplay and her maid café. At the conventions she attends, she proposes ninja café and maid café stands, as well as activities centered around cosplay, make-up and K-Pop.

She returns to Japan Expo this year, still determined to work towards connecting the world through otaku culture!

Come and meet her over the 4 days of the festival, at a masterclass and at shows mixing K-Pop and J-Pop!

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