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Sai Westwood

Cosplayer Sai Westwood arrives from Ukraine to share her passion!

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Sai Westwood is a talented Ukrainian cosplayer who has been in the field for over 10 years.
She has not only participated in various events and won numerous Ukrainian competitions but also had the honor of representing Ukraine at the ICL  in 2018 and the World Cosplay Summit 2020. Sai cosplays all sorts of anime and videogames, and has worked with companies like RiotGames (League of Legends) and for HoYoverse games.

Sai also has 6+ years of experience in wig making and wig commissions. Her skills as a cosplay photographer are evident in her works.

You can catch up with her over the 4 days of the festival at her stand and during a masterclass! She'll also be on the jury for the Extreme Cosplay Gathering final!

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