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General questions

Q: When will tickets be available?

A: Tickets for the next festival are on sale on our website in the days following the previous edition. Get the best discounts when booking your tickets as early as possible: more information about this here.

The launch of the sale is announced on our website and social media. Special tickets (Zen, Zen+ Confort, etc.) are launched later and announced on our website and social media too.

Q: What’s the difference between genin, chûnin, and jônin tickets?

A: Genin, chûnin, and jônin tickets are all regular tickets, 1-day and 4-day, giving access to the festival from 9.30 am, but with various discounts depending on when you buy them. The Jônin fare gives a 40% discount, the chûnin fare gives a 25% discount, and the genin fare has a 10% discount.

When booking your tickets earlier, you get a better discount. Jônin prices apply first, then chûnin, then genin prices. A few days before the festival, regular prices apply online. Click here to see the prices for each type of ticket for each period.

Q: Is there a discount for children?

A: The entrance is free for children under 8 (you will be asked to show ID or supporting documents)! Free tickets are given out at the Troubleshooting Desk only, in hall 7. You must withdraw them before the entrance lines. Free tickets allow entrance from 9.30 am if their parents or chaperones already have tickets.

From the day they turn 8, children must have a paid ticket to gain access to the festival. They can get free tickets as long as they are 7, but it's no more the case from the day of their eighth birthday.

Children who are 8 or older must have a paid ticket; there is no children's discount. 

Q: Are there special group fees?

A: Japan Expo has no special fees for groups, but you can get a discount when buying tickets online or in stores before July 2024. Tickets are then available at their regular prices online only, even during the festival.

Q: Is the number of tickets limited?

A: Supplies depend on the type of ticket:

  • 1-day tickets are limited according to the discount prices. You can buy them online or in ticket offices at discount prices if you book them early. They are also available online during the event at regular prices. Book your tickets before July 2024 to get a discount.
  • Fastpasses are also limited.
  • 4-day passes are limited and only available before the festival and on the first day, Thursday, online only, until 6.00 pm.  You also get a discount when booking them before July 2024.
  • Zen Tickets and Zen+ Confort Tickets are very limited and available before the festival on our website only. 

Q: If I only want to attend the European Cosplay Gathering Finals, is a Star Pass ECG enough?

A: The Star Pass ECG does not give access to the festival but only to a seat during the event: Star Pass ECG holders must also have an entrance ticket to Japan Expo valid on the day of the event. 

Presale tickets

Q: Why buy tickets before the festival?

A: Book your tickets as early as possible to get the best discount. When you book your tickets early, Japan Expo rewards your loyalty and offers discounts! From July 2024, tickets are sold at their full price.

Please note that there are no cash desks this year. You can still buy your tickets online, even on D-day, until 6.00 pm, via our website.

Q: I didn’t receive my ticket by e-mail. What can I do?

A: If you bought your ticket(s) from a Fnac or Ticketmaster ticket office, please contact them.

If you bought tickets from our website:

  • please check out your junk e-mails, it might be in there
  • your ticket is also available in your Japan Expo account on the website or on the app, please log in and you’ll find your ticket(s) in the Ticket section of your user account
  • if not, please use the "Contact us" section of the website to send us a message (select Ticketing as the request type)

Q: I bought my ticket, but in the end, I can't make it to the festival. Can I give it to someone else?

A: 1-day tickets and 4-day passes are not controlled by name at the entrance of the festival. You can give your 1-day tickets or 4-day passes to another person.

Yet, if there were to occur any problem, we will only be able to solve it if the person who has bought the tickets is with you. Otherwise, the ticket holder will not be allowed in.

Zen and Zen+ Tickets are name-specific: you cannot give them to someone else. Only the person whose name is on the Zen or Zen+ Ticket is allowed to use it.

Q: I made a mistake on my birthdate when buying my ticket on your website. How can I change it?

A: The birthdate when buying a 1-day ticket or 4-day pass is not compulsory. Therefore, there is no need to change it.

If you made a mistake regarding a Zen or Zen+ Ticket, please contact our Ticketing service via our contact form.

Q: How to pay for my tickets on your website?

A: The only means of payment are credit and debit cards (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD).
Attention: keep your mobile phone with you when paying as you may receive a security code to validate your payment (3D Secure secured payment).

We strongly advise that you enable cookies to complete the purchase. This setting is often responsible for blocking the transaction.

Ticket offices

Q: Where can I buy tickets to Japan Expo?

A: Here's where you can buy each type of ticket:

  • 1-day tickets and 4-day passes are on sale on our website without any extra fees and in the Fnac and Ticketmaster networks.
  • Zen and Zen+ Tickets are in limited quantity and on sale only on our website.
  • 1-day tickets are also available online until 6.00 pm each day for D-day, but without the discount.

Q: Can I buy tickets for the next days on-site?

A: No, tickets for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are available online only, at full prices. To get a discount, buy your tickets before July 2024. The sooner you buy your tickets, the cheaper they are. 4-day passes can be bought online until Thursday, 6.00 pm, during the festival.

Q: I bought my ticket in a FNAC ticket office, and it says that I have a Fast Pass. What is it for?

A: This Fast Pass means that you can use the presale line at the festival and enter from 9.00 am.

Q: I bought my ticket in a Ticketmaster ticket office, and it says that I get a free meal. How do I get it?

A: It is a free meal for 1 meal paid for in a selection of restaurants that are partners of Ticketmaster. Please ask your questions to Ticketmaster to get more information.


Q: Can I get a refund for an order?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund. Each reservation is firm and final. Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged, even in case of a major incident. They are refundable only in case of cancellation or postponement of the event according to the conditions defined by the organizer.

Q: How do I request a refund for an order from stores such as FNAC?

A: You must contact the seller directly.

Other questions

Q: I have another question! What do I do?

A: You can read the attendees' guide and the other practical information here and in the other FAQ sections. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, send us a message, and we’ll find it for you! Use the "Contact us" section of the website and be careful when choosing the type of request; it will be easier for us to find the answer.

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