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General questions

Q: When will the guests be announced?

A: Most guests are announced in the months before Japan Expo, usually from December to the event. If they’re not in the guest section of the website, they’re coming soon. New guests will be announced until the show. 

Q: When will the schedule be online?

A: The complete schedule is online 2 or 3 weeks before the event but it begins to fill up as the first announces are released.

Attention, changes may always occur at the last minute. Check out the schedule on the website and on the app to remain updated.

Q: How much are the events? Where can we get tickets?

A: When you’re inside, all the programming on official areas are free, unless otherwise specified. In the case of paying events, tickets are available on our ticketing website


Q: Can I have several autographs during the festival?

A: During the whole of the festival, one autograph is allowed per guest and per attendee. You cannot have several autographs of the same guest, but you can have one per guest for as many guests as you wish. 

Q: I just have to go meet the guest to get an autograph?

A: No, it's not that easy: to get an autograph, you must have a signing ticket, which you can get on our mobile app. It gives you access to the corresponding signing.

The schedule of the signings is included in the general schedule.

Q: How to get a signing ticket on the mobile app?

A: It’s quite easy: as soon as your entrance ticket has been scanned, connect to the app, go to the Signings section, and then follow the instructions.

You will have to choose the day’s ticket, and then the signing you wish to attend. For "first come first served", you get your signing ticket right away in the limit of available tickets. For "lotteries", the app takes care of everything and if you win, you get your signing ticket. Keep on following the app instructions and see you at the signing at the right hour!

Read the whole process on this page

Q: My ticket does not appear in my account on the app. What can I do?

A: If you bought your tickets on our website or app, they appear automatically in your account. You can find them at any time in the My Tickets section of your account and in the Signing section during the festival.

If you bought your tickets in the Fnac or Ticketmaster networks, you have to add them in your account on the app. Scan your ticket or type the code. Do it before the festival to save time when you want to get signing tickets onsite. 

Q: I cannot get a signing ticket on Japan Expo’s app or I don’t have a smartphone. What can I do to have a signing anyway?

A: If you cannot get a signing ticket from the app, if you have any sort of technical problem, or don’t have a smartphone, you can still go to the Signing Desk. It still exists to solve any problem you might have or to allow people who can’t use the mobile app to get signing tickets. 

Q: I’ve got a signing ticket but missed the signing. Can I use it for another signing?

A: No, even for the same artist. A signing ticket is only valid for the signing it indicates.
Moreover, you cannot have another ticket for another signing by the same artist. Each attendee is only allowed one signing - and thus, one signing ticket - per guest for the whole duration of the festival.

Q: Can I get the signing ticket just before the signing?

A: To make sure you can get one, you should go get it as soon as possible during the day. For some guests, we are out of signing tickets very quickly. 

Thanks to the new process of signing tickets available on the app, you can book your signing tickets for the day's signings right after your entrance ticket has been scanned.

Q: So I can get the signing ticket the day before, to make sure I get one?

A: No, signing tickets for the day’s signings are only available from the morning of that same day, once your entrance ticket has been scanned at the entrance. 

Q: How much are signings?

A: All signings by the festival guests on official signing area (Sumiré stages) are free, unless otherwise specified.

In the case of paying signings, tickets are sold on our website.

For free signings, you may also be asked to bring an official product bought onsite.

Q: I can have only one autograph per guest, but can I have an autograph and a photo (Photocall)?

A: Yes, when the schedule includes signing sessions (Sumiré areas) and photo sessions (Sumiré Photocall) for the same guest, you are allowed to try to have both. Yet, you will have to line up twice: once to have a signing ticket for the signing session, and once to have a ticket for the photo session. 


Q: I won Jens at some game. What are they?

A: Jens are the festival’s money. You can exchange the Jens you won for prizes at the Jen shop

Q: How can I exchange my Jens?

A: Go to the Jen shop, next to the Activities Desk, and you’ll be offered to choose a product, or more, among those proposed, depending on the number of Jens you have. 

Q: Where is the Jen shop?

A: The Jen shop is set at the festival’s Activities Desk. It’s the only place where you can exchange your Jens.

Q: How can I collect Jens?

A: There are several ways of winning Jens:

  • Entering the activities proposed by the Jen shop partners, on stage or on their booths;
  • Taking part in the games organized at the Activities Desk. For more information, visit our staff members there during the festival!

The Jen shop partners and the Activities Desk games are announced on our website in the weeks before the festival.

Q: Can I get the Jen shop products against something else than Jens? Isn’t there any other way to buy them?

A: The Jen shop products can only be exchanged against the sum in Jens corresponding to the product.

Q: I haven’t used all my Jens during the festival. Are they lost?

A: Jens won in 2017 and after cannot expire. They can be used in all Japan Expo festivals, Japan Expo Paris or Japan Expo Sud, and from one year to another. For instance, you can collect Jens at several festivals to get bigger prizes.

Attention, Jens won in 2016 and earlier are not accepted anymore.

Q: What kind of products are available at the Jen shop?

A: Many different products are proposed at the Jen shop, for different prices in Jens, with badges, T-shirts, or figurines.  Depending on the number of Jens you got, you can also get big prizes such as game consoles.

Q: Are the Jen shop products the same at each festival?

A: The Jen shop products can be different from one festival to another, from one year to the next. The best way to know what’s proposed is to visit the Jen shop!

Q: Do I need to have the exact amount of jens to exchange them for a prize? 

A: There is no change given on jens, so try to have the exact amount of jens not to lose to many jens. 

Other questions

Q: I have another question! What do I do?

A: You can read the attendees' guide and the other practical information here and the other FAQ sections. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, send us a message and we’ll find it for you! Use the "Contact us" section of the website and be careful when choosing the type of request, it will be easier for us to find the answer.

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