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It's time for the digest!

It's digest time! Whether you missed them or simply forgot them, don't panic, here is the summary of all the latest programming announcements! Don't forget to check our news to be informed of the latest announcements!

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  • Trunkyzoo: let yourself be drawn in Trunkyzoo's passions : breakdance, anime and Japanese. Teaching Japanese, advising on life in Japan, he is above all known and followed for his reproductions of figures and poses from anime fights! Meet him during the 4 days of the festival on stage at Japan Expo!
  • UNIONE: an energetic quartet whose aim is to gather around their music, Issy Yuuki, Sam and Jin are waiting for you! Come and see their showcases on stage at Japan Expo! 
  • Toshinari SHINOHE: communication director and scriptwriter, Toshinari SHINOHE is behind the project "Child of Kamiari month", a Japanese animation movie released on Netflix in February 2022. With the creative team of the movie, he will come to present this project at Japan Expo during a screening and a conference.
  • Michihiko SUWA: producer in animation, Michihiko SUWA has worked on many anime. He is currently in charge of the project "Child of Kamiari Month" and will be present at Japan Expo!
  • Uko OSHIA: as the general producer of "Child of Kamiari Month", Uko OSHIA joins the rest of the creative team to talk about the project they created together. 
  • Bang: winner of the biggest dance competition in England, this Japanese dancer will present "Child of Kamiari Month" in a stage performance with his troupe, the "Bang Family".
  • Yukio Takatsu: animation director, Yukio TAKATSU worked alone on Naruto Shippuden's 17th opening! Come and meet him at Japan Expo!










  • Paris Sumo: Come and watch Sumo fights by Paris Sumo! Then, it will be your turn to try your hand at this dynamic and exciting sport! Between initiations and demonstrations, expand your knowledge of sumo fighting!
  • Alliance Impériale: Passionate about the Star Wars universe, these cosplayers offer you multiple activities around the successful space saga! Exhibitions of weapons, helmets and lightsabers, you will also be able to receive advice and initiation to sewing, 3D printing or airbrushing! Imperial Alliance is presented by Amazing!
  • Emi Sphere: As a very special duo, Emi Spere offers its services to individuals and professionals! One is a stained glass artist, the other is passionate about tech and video game and together they customize PCs by mixing crafts and high-tech. Come and meet them on their stand to play games on PCs they created and discover their art!
  • Ludosport Paris: you are invited to take part in 30 minutes lightsaber initiations at Japan Expo! Then you can watch fights between confirmed athletes in the arena! Ludosport Paris is presented by Amazing!
  • Les Dix Lunes: passionate about cosplay and creative arts, the members of the association Les Dix Lunes offers you creative workshops around the theme of cosplay on reservation! Don't wait any longer to book your slot!
  • Aikibudô / Katori Shinto Ryû: initiations and demonstrations of aikibudô and kobudô with experts are waiting for you at Japan Expo! Come and take part in these traditional martial arts focused on defense!
  • Retro du Cœur: travel back in time and take part in retrogaming activities: play on consoles from the 80s/90s/2000s and compete in tournaments on the game Windjammers!
  • Vu du Japon: this collective takes you on a journey through Japan to discover the many facets of this fascinating country! Vu du Japon is the first French-speaking source of video contents about Japan and they invites you to discover their different channels at Japan Expo!
  • Nihon Budô: a complete martial art which allows you to provides from any kind of attack, nihon budô will be offered during demonstrations and/or initiations in order to take your first steps on the martial way!



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