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Michihiko SUWA

After working on numerous anime, from Detective Conan to Black Jack, producer Michihiko SUWA is now in charge of the project "Child of Kamiari Month", a story full of the charm of Japanese legends.

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Michihiko SUWA is a producer in the world of animation. He worked on many successes such as Yawara!, Detective Conan, City Hunter, Inu-Yasha and Black Jack. He received the Fujimoto Special Prize for the series Detective Conan. He is a member of the Nihon Academy, an association that rewards Japanese films.

Michihiko SUWA is also the Supervisor of the film Child of Kamiari Month, Kamiarizuki no Kodomo, an animated film released on the Netflix platform in February 2022.

Come and discover the movie at a screening, and listen to the creative team along with Michihiko SUWA, and attend the stage event, danced by BANG and the Bang Family at Japan Expo in tribute to Child of Kamiari Month!

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