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Emi Sphere

When the world of glass meets the world of computers, you get Emi Sphere!

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Glass artists specializing in engraving and stained glass, the duo Emi Sphere customizes PCs in their own way. They create unique pieces for enthusiasts, individuals and professionals, and even video game publishers, by mixing this craft with high-tech pieces.

On their booth, you are invited to play video games on unique PCs of their creation, discover the art of glass and PC assembly, meet influencers of the hardware / video games / tech sectors, and even meet members of the Women in Games association to talk about women in video games!

emi sphere

The Emi Sphere duo is composed of Emi, a stained glass artist, and Mathieu, a Tech and video game enthusiast. Both animated by decoration and art, they had the idea to combine Hardware and glass art by creating a first computer in 2018 inspired by Hearthstone.


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