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Japan Expo 20th Anniversary digest

Japan Expo is unveiling its programming for its 20th Anniversary a little at a time! If you haven’t been following our news lately, here’s the recap.

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20th Anniversary specials


  • Aya HIRANO: the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucy in Fairy Tail, and singer, the famous seiyû is coming to meet you.
  • ILU GRACE: one of the many dear meetings in the history of Japan Expo and here they come again to celebrate the 20th Anniversary with you.
  • Izuru AMASE: the star of the Takarazuka Revue is introducing you to this show halfway between musical and theatre.
  • Gô NAGAI: one of the major authors in the history of mangathe creator of Grendizer will be attending the festival!
  • KAMUI: the samurai artists, masters of choreographied sword fights, perform in collaboration with singer Mika KOBAYASHI.
  • Mika KOBAYASHI: the artist, singer and composer collaborated to the themes of Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, and will be performing with KAMUI.
  • Leiji MATSUMOTOCaptain Harlock’s creator and one of the great names of science fiction manga is coming to meet you!
  • Yoshiyuki TOMINO: for the 40th Anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, come meet the series creator.


  • Asakusa Kenbukai Edge: the art of the sword blends with dancing with those modern samurai.
  • Cosplay Shows: your favorite heroes come to life on stage on Thursday and Friday!
  • Gamushara: the Japanese supporter group is full of enthusiasm and sharing its energy!
  • Kaien: electro music and modern visual techniques mingle in the futuristic world of Kaien.
  • Katanaya Ichi: let yourself get impressed by choreographed sword fights that will immerse you into samurai culture.
  • KIRIE: calligraphs, musicians, and dancers take you away into an enchanting traditional world.
  • Kooya: the wonderful show of medieval Japan, full of samurai and high-ranked courtesans.
  • Show cosplay Love Live!: the world of Love Live! School Idol Project on stage.
  • ReFashion Caravan Show: the neo-kimono style features in this fashion show blending the modern and traditional.  
  • Takarabune: follow their crazy steps and discover the lively erratic dance awa odori!



Let’s celebrate Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary on July 4-7, 2019 at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center!

Follow our news to find out about our next announcements.

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