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Stanislas BRUNET - Signing

Stanislas BRUNET is one of the animators whose talent saw the light of day in France and bloomed in Japanese animation studios. As part of this year’s French Touch theme, he is meeting you at Japan Expo!

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The series Oban Star-Racers, the idea of which saw the light of day in France but was completed in Japan, opened the doors of Japanese studios to Stanislas BRUNET and Thomas ROMAIN. They’re currently working at the Satelight studio on such popular series asMacross Delta or Aquarion LogosCome meet Stanislas BRUNET at Japan Expo at signings!

  • To get an autograph, you must get a signing ticket at the Signing Desk.
  • System: first come, first served - When it's your turn at the Signing Desk, the computer just takes your photo and prints a signing ticket that you will have to show to have access to the signing (within the limit of available signing tickets).
  • Signing material: you can bring an official product of your choice. Otherwise free ex-libris are given for free.
  • To have more chances of getting an autograph, read the instructions for signings on this page

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