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Stanislas BRUNET

Stanislas BRUNET is one of the animators whose talent saw the light of day in France and bloomed in Japanese animation studios. As part of this year’s French Touch theme, he is Japan Expo’s guest and will share with you his career path, his work in Japan, and his current projects!

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Stanislas BRUNET grew up near Versailles and from an early age got interested in sports, drawing, comics, modeling, and Japanese anime which influences his taste for robots. One day, he had some sort of epiphany when reading a book about Disney behind the scenes: he wants to work in the industry of animation.

In 1998, he passed the Gobelins entrance exam to study 2D animation. He meets artists like Riad SATTOUF (The Arab of the Future), Jérémie PERIN (Lastman), Chloé CRUCHAUDET (Mauvais genre), and Jean-Jacques DENIS (Dofus), as well as Thomas ROMAIN with he’ll work on a film. During his training, he had an opportunity for an internship at Disney studio in Montreuil where he learned about sets layout. The same year, he rediscovered Japanese animation. The idea of moving to Japan popped up in his head.


With Thomas ROMAIN, he took part in the pilot of a TV series project, Thomas and Co, and met Savin YEATMAN-EIFFEL (Sav! The World). From 2000 to 2001, he trained in 3D animation and took part in the first French 3D film project, Keana la Prophecy. He worked again with studio Sav! The World for Oban Star-Racers pilot. He collaborated to developing the studio in 2002-2003. After the success of Oban Star-Racers pilot, the team decided to move to Japan to continue the series. It’s a funding project for his career to come. At the end of this project, he chose to stay in Japan and first worked with studio Hal Film Maker to design the sets of the series Nishi no Yoki Majo: Astraea Testament. His meeting with the designer Makoto KOBAYASHI (Giant RoboLast Exile) taught him a lot.


In 2007, he joined studio Satelight where he met Shoji KAWAMORI (Macross). He first worked at designing sets and correcting the layout on varied projects such as Koi suru Tenshi Angelique, Hellsing OAV III et IVMacross FrontierShugo Chara!Ani Kuri, or Genius Party. In 2009, he got together again with Thomas ROMAIN to supervise Basquash! and he gets back to mecha-design: he conceives the secondary robots and took part in the art direction. In 2010, mecha-design became his principal activity when Shoji KAWAMORI entrusts to him the enemy robots in Aquarion Evol. In 2011, he led the art direction and stage design of Ranka Lee’s concert in the film Macross Frontier - Sayonara no Tsubasa, before getting back to mecha with AKB0048Nobunaga the FoolM3, Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of HyperspaceMacross Delta, and Aquarion Logos. For the latter, he conceived the main robotswhich transform and assemble in many ways. 

In July 2016, in collaboration with the French community of animation artists living in Japan, he’s planning to be part of the launch of Furansujin Connection, a community website giving information and advice to French young people who want to work in the animation industry in Japan.


Meet Stanislas BRUNET with another French Touch artist, Thomas ROMAIN, at panels, masterclasses, and signings! (sold out)

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