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Tokyo Candoll 2019

The idol contest Tokyo Candoll has led Luce Twinkle Wink☆, Yuigadokuson, notall and BANZAI JAPAN under the spotlights in the first four editions of the contest. The name of 2019's winners has been unveiled on May 6: congratulations to We=MUKASHIBANASHI!

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“To represent Japan, all around the world!”

This concept started the idol tournament Tokyo Candoll back in 2015. After the success of the first four editions, the contest is now back in 2019! The tournament winner is rewarded with the chance to perform on the live stage at Japan Expo. It will be held as a battle where the votes of idol fans and a professional jury towards the finals decide who is the new generation of idols to represent Japan.

There's some new feature for this year's contest as the selections are no longer limited to Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu but will also take place in Chubu and Tohoku.


  • In Kanto: first selections on Feb. 18 to March 5, quarter finals on March 7-21, and semi-finals on April 8, 9, 15, and 21
  • In Kansai: first selections on March 9, quarter finals on March 10, and semi-finals on March 24
  • In Chubu: first selections on March 16, quarter finals on March 21, and semi-finals on March 30 
  • In Tohoku: first selections and quarter finals on March 23, and semi-finals on March 31 
  • In Kyushu: first selections on March 30, quarter finals on March 31, and semi-finals on April 7
  • Finals on May 6

The 2019 winners

The fifth edition of Tokyo Candoll started last February, bringing together about a hundred idols and idol groups from all over Japan. For three months, these artists competed to win a place at Japan Expo and it’s We=MUKASHIBANASHI (or WeBana) who won the contest!

In their songs, We=MUKASHIBANASHI are inspired by childhood and traditional tales(mukashibanashi). The names of the five members, SAKI (from Saru Kani Gassen, in blue), MAKI (from Warashibe Chôja, in red), GASHI (from Shitakiri Suzume, in purple), SANA (from Issun-bôshi, in green), and YUMI (from Tsuru no Ongaeshi, in black), are also taken from Japanese tales and their fans give them the sweet nickname of "story tellers"

【TokyoCandoll2019優勝】We=MUKASHIBANASHI / The Gift(19.05.06 @TSUTAYA O-EAST)

We can’t wait to discover their performance for Japan Expo: don’t miss them at the festival, live on the Karasu stage and at their signings! Congrats again to We=MUKASHIBANASHI!

Past Tokyo Candoll winners


Luce Twinkle Wink☆ had won the very first edition of Tokyo Candoll. After their victory and performance at Japan Expo, they made their debut in Nov. 2015 with Universal Entertainment Japan. They continue their idol career and also sing anison covers.

Tokyo Candoll 2016 - Finals


Yuigadokuson succeeded Luce Twinkle Wink☆. The group is made of three members who brought together around the same message "Love yourself and live in peace with yourself." In July 2017, they released the single Mugenhouyou / NeveR-END.

notall - Japan Expo 18e Impact


notall succeeded Yuigadokuson a group where everyone can be part of the group’s evolution via social media and contribute to the group’s name, nickname, logo, songs, costumes, goodies, etc. notall made their debut in June 2014 and have collaborated with producers from eight different countries, with about 40.000 proposals. They have released a single with the major Universal in April 2017, Kapipara Jisoku 50km/ Kimini DA-DA-DAN which ranked 11th in the Oricon chart.

せんすがないっ!!!!! / BANZAI JAPAN in JAPAN EXPO 2018 Paris


BANZAI JAPAN was the last winner of the contest! The members have dazzled the audience with their boundless energy and their songs mixing Japanese with Western music. 

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