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Tokyo Candoll, We=MUKASHIBANASHI: showcase

After several weeks of live competition, the group We=MUKASHIBANASHI won the Tokyo Candoll 2019 contest: congrats to the five idols who will now be seeing you at Japan Expo!

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【TokyoCandoll2019優勝】We=MUKASHIBANASHI / The Gift(19.05.06 @TSUTAYA O-EAST)

The fifth edition of Tokyo Candoll started last February, bringing together about a hundred idols and idol groups from all over Japan. For three months, these artists competed to win a place at Japan Expo and it’s We=MUKASHIBANASHI (or WeBana) who won the contest!

In their songs, We=MUKASHIBANASHI are inspired by childhood and traditional tales (mukashibanashi). The names of the five members, SAKI (from Saru Kani Gassen, in blue), MAKI (from Warashibe Chôja, in red), GASHI (from Shitakiri Suzume, in purple), SANA (from Issun-bôshi, in green), and YUMI (from Tsuru no Ongaeshi, in black), are also taken from Japanese tales and their fans give them the sweet nickname of "story tellers". While concentrating on their activities as idols, We=MUKASHIBANASHI also wishes to get closer to other cultures.

We can’t wait to discover their performance for Japan Expo: don’t miss them at the festival, live on the Karasu stage!

Congrats again to We=MUKASHIBANASHI!


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