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Cosplay is also about Respect

So that all Japan Expo’s attendees, whether cosplayers or not, are having a great time, there some good manners to respect!

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At a convention, you enjoy meeting cosplayers playing your favorite heroes. For cosplayers too, it is a long-awaited moment after so much time spent making their costumes. Yet, everyone must keep in mind some basic good manners which will help everyone enjoy their day out.

Some cosplayers are very extrovert and enthusiast about showing their costume and chat with the other attendees. Others are more shy and just wish to enjoy the festival and walk about the alleys as their favorite characters. In any case, never forget to remain polite:

  • Always ask cosplayers if they’re available for photos before taking a picture.
  • Leave them alone when they are resting, busy, eating, drinking, relaxing, and enjoying the festival.
  • Some costumes or parts of them may be fragile: please be careful and ask cosplayers before touching them.

Don’t start a physical contact with a cosplayer or anyone else unless he explicitly agrees and respect their decision.
In case your demand is refused, please be understanding and polite. Being insistent and abusing others is punishable by law (Article 222-33-2 and articles R 621-1 and following in the French law).
As a reminder of the law "any sexual attack, made with violence, constraint, threat, or surprise, is considered as a sexual assault" (Article 222-27 to 222-30 in the French law).

If you see someone behaving in an inappropriate way towards a cosplayer or any attendee, please report to a staff member.

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