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Cosplay at Japan Expo

Have you ever had the chance to come across Naruto, Piccolo, or Sailor Moon at the corner of an alley? Never?! Then, Japan Expo is a dream opportunity to get surrounded by your favorite heroes!

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On the Ichigo stage


Whether you want to be part of it or attend the shows as a mere viewer, the most breathtaking cosplay contests are awaiting you!

With the European Cosplay Gathering, the Ichigo stage is welcoming the best of European cosplay. The entrants representing 15 European countries perform on stage for the finals to win this big contest. An amazing show that many attendees attend every year! Japan Expo also hosts the European Cosplay Gathering French selections which are the beginning of every new ECG season.

With one cosplay show per day, the Ichigo stage also hosts two Cosplay Shows, so that the attendees can enjoy great cosplay everyday, admire their outstanding costumes, and get stunned at their performances. 

On top of the contests, cosplay shows feature playlets based on anime series show the performing talents of talented cosplayers.

In the alleys and the Kitsuné stage


Cosplay is also an amateur hobby and everyone can cosplay if they wish so, and stroll along the illuminated and colored alleys of the festival, to allow all the attendees to enjoy this happy celebration where all kinds of characters get together.

And they also have a dedicated stage: the Kitsuné stage, the kingdom of free cosplay! You can come on stage in your costume and parade if you like and as you like. No stress, no competition, it’s all about fun.

Come join the cosplay phenomenon! 

Cosplay Village


At Japan Expo, many associations set in the Cosplay Village organize loads of activities, among which cosplay activities such as costume and armor exhibits, sewing, makeup, or role play workshops, to help you take your first steps as a cosplayer. Some of them also help you fix your costumes when needed! Photocalls are set up to offer great sets for your souvenir photos.

The festival cosplay guests and experienced cosplayers also share their techniques during workshops open to all those who wish to have a try at cosplay or to improve their skills. The Cosplay Village also welcomes the booths of cosplay guests who meet their fans

Cosplay show registrations

  • You MUST REGISTER to enter the Cosplay Shows.
  • Registration dates are announced on our website in the weeks before the festival.
  • Need help? More information? Ask the EPIC cosplay team on their facebook page: facebook.com/epicassociation

Cosplay changing rooms

Changing rooms are available for cosplayers:

  • Dedicated changing rooms for the entrants of the Ichigo stage contests
  • Free changing rooms for all other cosplayers at the entrance



Cosplay Shows and ECG shows are organized in collaboration with EPIC, facebook.com/epicassociation

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