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Meeting the scriptwriters of Miraculous!

On the final day of the festival, the scriptwriters of Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir went on the Kuri stage to talk about the production of this series that gathers millions of fans worldwide. We sum up the event for you!

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Thomas ASTRUC, the creator and director of Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, a series that has been broadcasted in more than 130 countries, has met Japan Expo’s attendees this afternoon on the Kuri stage, accompanied by four other scriptwriters: Matthieu CHOQUET, Mélanie DUVAL, Fred LENOIR, and Sébastien THIBEAUDEAU. In front of dozens of cosplayers dressed in the series heroes’ clothes, the five of them started a panel focusing on the script writing of Miraculous.

First, the guests insisted on the fact that each plot were written collectively. The five personalities behind every plot twist of the series gather several times a week to determine the next events that the protagonists will have to face, which makes it a real human adventure where each one of them brings out his or her own skills.

While fans have yet to finish discovering season 2, Sébastien THIBEAUDEAU revealed that one episode from season 3 had moved the team to tears. He hoped this would have the same effect on the spectators.

Next, the audience asked questions to the panel (and Thomas ASTRUC even went off stage to pass the mic to each attendee!). In order to go further into the main subject of this meeting, some curious fans wished to know more about the special features of their favorite series’ script writing. To the question "on which idea or pattern do you base the writing of the episodes of Miraculous?", Sébastien THIBEAUDEAU and Thomas ASTRUC answered that they are mostly driven by the ending they have in mind for each arc. The ending appears as a goal that can only be reached by creating episodes with various plots that always supply a bigger story, juste like puzzle pieces.

In the middle of this question session, Thomas ASTRUC implied that a Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir comic could "potentially" see the light of day, and ended the panel on this mysterious note…!

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