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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 8th Impact

We keep going over the festival adventure with a few anecdotes taking you behind the scene and celebrating the festival 20th Anniversary. In 2007, Japan Expo welcomed 5 Guests of Honor and among them the star of visual kei, leader of the legendary group X Japan, Yoshiki!

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On July 6, 7, and 8, 2007, Japan Expo was back at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center with new events such as the first fashion show featuring Laforet HARAJUKU and presenting Japanese punk or gothic lolita brands, and more and more prestigious guests including Hironobu SAKAGUCHI, the director of the first Final Fantasy games, and Yoshiki about whom we tell you more below.

A distinguished guest

For the first coming of the artist at Japan Expo, Yoshiki’s Japanese and American managers de Yoshiki were more than careful. A precise list of what was needed was provided, which included bottles of water of a precise brand, Fidji, available almost nowhere in France. The team though did find the water, but it proved useless as the leader of X Japan was happy with the Evian bottle of water set on the table. The relief was to be shortlived: Yoshiki’s bodyguards requisitioned for them only the golf cars that were to be used by the staff team to go about the exhibition hall.

Japan Expo 8th Impact key figures

3 days · 83,000 attendees · 65,000 sqm · 263 exhibitors · 5 Guests of Honor · 7,000 sqm for the manga publishers’ corner

We’ll go further to the 9th Impact soon which was about to go even further​​​​: follow our news for a new story in a few days!


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