Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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All the essence of Japanese music

With over 80 concerts and showcases, Japan Expo is the major event for Japanese music in France. Covering a wide range of genres, Jaân Expo is one of the must-attend music festivals of the summer in the Paris region.

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An outstanding guest of honor

Tetsuya Komuro: A true living legend of Japanese pop music, Tetsuya Komuro is honored to be our guest of honor this year at Japan Expo! Stakhanovist producer, don't miss the exclusive concert of the Get Wild interpreter and founding member of TM NETWORK on Sunday, July 14th, on the Yuzu stage!

A selection covering all musical genres

  • Kannagi Rabbits (J-Pop): Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore in their lyrics and aesthetics, Kannagi Rabbits dust off ancestral Shinto mythology with their captivating performances. Discover these modern-day priestesses on the Tsubamé, Kamo, and Ichigo stages!
  • U&Pia (Boys Band): Loyal to their fans, U&Pia, are back for the second year running at Japan Expo! Help them sublimate the feeling of unity between fans and artists by coming to cheer them on stage, or by spending a special moment with them in Meet & Greet.
  • iiiidolll (Idol): With ambitions to spread Idol culture around the world, the 6 members of iiiidolll will be performing their brand-new songs on stage this summer. Let them capture your hearts with their adorable melodies. 
  • PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE (J-Hip-Hop): Hailing from Japanese urban music behemoth EXILE TRIBE, PSYCHIC FEVER created a real buzz with their song Just Like Dat, which exploded on TikTok and other platforms. Come and light their flame on stage and help them light the way to success. 


  • Cookiesan (Rap): Cookiesan, a pioneer of rap manga, blends the worlds of manga and rap, France's most popular musical genre. With kindness, he shares the positive values of his favorite manga with an ever-growing audience.
  • Sonikem (Hip-Hop): With a rich career in the music world, Sonikem has made many contacts within the Japanese music scene, even imposing his own style blending Lo-fi, jazz, and Afro-house sounds. 
  • Waccha (Human Beatboxing): On the border between traditional and contemporary, Waccha brings his samurai aesthetic to life with choreographed swordplay while composing live melodies using only his razor-sharp voice. 
  • Kuni-Ken (Shamisen-Rock): Two brothers, too wild, one shamisen. Kuni-ken transcends the art of this traditional instrument with dynamic rock performances, rocking the stages of Japan Expo for the fourth time this year!


  • Mika Kobayashi (J-Pop): Her voice is recognized the world over thanks to her interpretations of such popular anime titles as Attack on Titans, Kill la Kill, and Gundam Unicorn. Mika Kobayashi returns this year with the KAMUI troupe to perform on stage at Japan Expo. 
  • Sera Amagi (Ethnic-Fantasy): Accompanied by guitarist Yuukineko, Sera Amagi will plunge you into her "ethnic fantasy" world, imbued with sounds reminiscent of JRPG titles such as .hack, Lodoss and Fuga: Memories of Steel, to which she contributed the soundtrack. 
  • Ai Hisano (J-Rock): With a melodic voice reminiscent of the most popular anime songs, Ai Hisano performs a wide range of songs from commercials and video game themes. She continues her international success with shows on the Sakura and Ichigo stages.
  • moeazu (Idol): After expanding otaku culture with her performances in the Akihabara Backstage Pass group and conquering the internet with her impressive mukbang (nearly 860,000 subscribers on YouTube!), moeazu launches her solo idol career with several shows on the Japan Expo stages. 


  • Starrysky (Eurasian Rock):  True icons of the French web, collaborating with such famous figures as the Noob team, Maliki, and Squeezie, Starrysky deploy all their creativity to bring imaginary worlds to life. Come and discover their new title, L'Univers de Sora, exclusively at Japan Expo!
  • Minichestra (Classical): A classical ensemble comprising violin, cello, double bass, flute, and piano, the young professional musicians of Minichestra cover your favorite anime and video game tracks to offer you a unique show!
  • UK (K-Pop): Former member of Japanese group APEACE, UK has been devoting himself to K-Pop for over 10 years. After a 2-year hiatus, don't miss his big solo comeback, every day at Japan Expo!  
  • STARSEED'Z (Girls Band): Assuming an image of strong women determined to make their dreams come true, the members of STARSEED'Z will be delighted to meet their fans and continue to inspire them through strong values. 
  • AKARA (J-Trad Rock): Koto, Shinobue, Nokan, and Tsuzumi, Akara brings together all the traditional Japanese instruments to deliver rock performances. Full of contrasts, the group combines intense melodies with the gentleness of traditional instruments to create a unique musical genre: "J-trad rock". 
  • Noriko Tadano (Tsugaru Shamisen): Born with a shamisen in her hands, Noriko Tadano makes this traditional instrument resonate with rock, blues, and jazz sounds. First spotted internationally thanks to her participation in Australia's Got Talent, she now blends her performances with theater to create a captivating musical experience.  
  • ASTERISM (Heavy Metal): Having made a name for themselves with their metal covers of anime music, ASTERISM are now touring internationally, from the USA to Saudi Arabia. With the ambition of sharing metal that resonates around the world, they will be performing at Japan Expo for the first time this summer. 
  • X+ (J-Pop): A prolific artist, X+'s chords and voice can be found everywhere, from cinema to television, to the themes of popular mascots. With an international outlook, this guitarist will give you a well-deserved moment of relaxation and abstraction

Vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite artists on the stages of Japan Expo

  • Ichigo Stage: Able to welcome 14,000 spectators, the Ichigo Stage is the emblematic stage for Japan Expo's musical events. With its 560 square meters of space, the stage hosts spectacular performances by Mika Kobayashi, STARRYSKY, AKARA, and ASTERISM.
  • Yuzu Stage: This year the Yuzu Stage will welcome over 2000 fans for the concerts of such prestigious artists as Tetsuya Komuro and PSYCHIC FEVER. On Sunday, don't miss the YUZU IDOL PARTY !, featuring Kannagi Rabbits, moeazu, and iiiidolll.  
  • Tsubame stage: Located right in the center of the music area, the Tsubame stage is THE music stage at Japan Expo! Concerts all day for four days!
  • Kamo stage: Dedicated to dance, come to the Kamo stage and groove with the K-Pop and Idol performances by U&Pia, UK, Kannagi Rabbits, and iiiidolll. And learn all the hottest moves during the dance workshops with your favorite artists!
  • Amazing K-Pop Show: Presented as a trio with the exceptional participation of STARSEED'Z, U&Pia, and UK, the Amazing K-Pop Show takes you on a journey back in time through cult K-Pop hits from 1992 to 2018. Girls' Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, and even BTS, come and vibrate to the rhythm of your memories on Sunday, July 14th, on the Ichigo stage.

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