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You were able to discover them last year: Sera Amagi, with her guitarist Yuukineko, are coming from their mystical world to share a bit of their universe with you on stage at Japan Expo.

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Sera Amagi, a talented Japanese singer-songwriter, is known for her enchanting music featured in various rhythm games, ranging from Bemani arcade games such as Pop'n Music to mobile games such as Cytus II. Alongside the guitarist Yuukineko, she will showcase their captivating and fantastical musical world live on Japan Expo's stage.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in TokyoSera Amagi has cherished the cultural diversity of our planet since childhood. Her music has garnered immense appreciation not only in Japan but also internationally.

Sera Amagi and Yuukineko joined forces after meeting online, and together they embarked on a musical journey.

Sera Amagi specializes in a genre known as "Ethnic-Fantasy," a style often found in Japanese fantasy RPG music. Her songs incorporate various world music elements while also paying tribute to Japanese culture.

She will grace the stage at Japan Expo with her original J-pop traditional songs. In addition to her musical pursuits, Sera Amagi has lent her voice to the Tokyo National Museum for a narration project that aired on NHK, the famous Japanese broadcasting station.

With five albums and six singles released so far, she constantly strives to develop her artistic expression.

Since 2022Sera Amagi has been actively engaged in charity, using her music to create a better world. She believes in contributing as much as possible without sacrificing her own well-being, ensuring sustainability in her efforts. Her ultimate aspiration is to lend her voice to theme songs for anime and video gamescollaborating with teams from different countries. Regardless of where people reside, Sera Amagi ardently believes in the power of cooperation and aims to bring joy to audiences worldwide through music created for anime and video games

Recently, she realized one of her dreams, and wrote the theme for a new video game announced at the Tokyo Game Show. She was also inaugurated official ambassador of CyberConnect2's video game FUGA: Melodies of Steel, with whom she is collaborating during the festival!

Sera Amagi will be live on stage for showcases, and you will have the opportunity to meet her during her signing sessions


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