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Moeno AZUKI, shortened to MOEAZU, is a Japanese idol who also takes part in eating competitions. She broadcasts her mukbangs on her YouTube channel, which boasts 863,000 subscribers.

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Hailing straight from Osaka, MOEAZU began her career as an idol after finishing school. She first joined the Akihabara Backstage Pass group, then in 2016 the Erabareshi group. This year, on the strength of her experience, she's going solo!

In addition to her idol activities, she has been taking part in eating competitions since 2012, and will win no less than 3 competitions in Japan! Among her achievements are the impressive figures of 1060 wanko soba (small bowls of noodles from the Iwate prefecture), 140 bananas and 203 sushi! She also began to brew her own sake in the Miyagi prefecture

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