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Tokyo Candoll, panel

For its third year, the contest Tokyo Candoll has opened to boys band, in parallel with the idol competition. Both winners will be meeting you at a panel.

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Tokyo Candoll is a music contest that launches a, idol band at Japan Expo. The selections are organized in Japan with live gigs from January to April, until the finals decide of the winner and thus the band who will be performing at Japan Expo.

For the three years, girl bands have been entering the contest. But this year, a new version of it has been created for boys bands. Both competitions took place at the same time, enabling two bands to win their tickets to Paris:
- the idol band notall won Tokyo Candoll (click here for more)
EPIC STAR won Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- (click here for more)

Come meet both bands at a panel: they'll be sharing their experience with you. Don't miss the event to find out about this J-music newcomers!

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More about Tokyo Candoll on our website and on www.tokyocandoll.com

Follow notall on www.notall.jp and twitter.com/si_notall

More about Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- on our website and on tokyocandoll-boys.themedia.jp

Follow EPIC STAR on twitter.com/epic_hstk_h

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