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Tokyo Candoll 2017

The idol contest that led Luce Twinkle Wink☆ to the stage of Japan Expo in 2015 and Yuigadokuson in 2016 is back for a third edition: who will be the next winners and perform at the 18th Impact?

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“Idols representing Japan, go to the world!”

With these feelings started the idol tournament Tokyo Candoll last year. After the success of that first two editions, it is back to be held for the third time in 2017. The tournament’s winner is rewarded with the chance to perform on the live stage at Japan Expo next July. The tournament will be held as a battle where the votes of idol fans who come to the venues will decide who will be the new generation of idols to represent Japan.

Japan Expo, partner of the event, will follow the contest, from the first selections in early 2017 to the announcement of the winning artist or group in May 2017. Follow the news on our website to discover new entrants and find out who will win Tokyo Candoll 2017!

Tokyo Candoll 2016 & Yuigadokuson

The first preliminary tournament held in Japan in 2016 had over 90 groups showing their passionate performances, and over 6,000 fans came to see them. Like during the first tournament, again, more fans appeared to see the show than they could fit in the venues, and the contest caused excitement not only at the venues, but all over the internet.

After their performance at Japan Expo, Yuigadokuson, the winner of second tournament in 2016, performed at a big Taiwanese festival, which attracts over 600,000 visitors each year. Luce Twinkle Wink☆, the winner of the first tournament in 2015, made a major debut through NBC Universal Entertainment after their performance at Japan Expo. Various groups are getting new chances through Tokyo Candoll.

The third tournament for Tokyo Candoll will be held next year. There is even more attention gathering around the tournament than last time, so we can only wonder what kind of drama will revolve around the tournament this time. Just wait and see!


Follow Tokyo Candoll 2016: discover each stage of the contest in the news on our website!

More about Tokyo Candoll at www.tokyocandoll.com

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