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Hajimari – Taiko and awa odori demonstration

Let yourself be carried away by the beat of taiko and the fever of awa odori during a demonstration given by Tsunagari Taiko Center on the Sakura stage!

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Dressed in traditional festive costumes, the musicians of the Tsunagari Taiko Center go on the Sakura stage to present you Hajimari (literally "the beginning"), a show evoking discovery and a journey in the unknown but fascinating land of taiko (Japanese drums) and awa odori folk dance. Hajimari reveals the supreme wealth of Japanese festive musics, makes you live an unique experience with its rhythms and its intensity, and makes the beat of taiko echoing within your heart.

Feel the light atmosphere of street festivals lighting up the archipelago all summer long with the musicians' joyful cadence, and let them soothe you with their calm and serene pieces!

Tsunagari Taiko Center also introduces you to taiko and awa odori at Tsunagari village.

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