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Tsunagari Taiko Center

Beat taiko and dance the awa odori during workshops organized by Tsunagari Taki Center! Its members await you at Tsunagari village so go meet them to party!

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Tsunagari Taiko Center was founded by Ayuko and Cola BONNAN and aims to provide joy to spectators as well as to the school's students and interns. It is located near the Bastille district in Paris and offers to reconnect people to their life energy. They help them develop some kind of "self-ecology" that makes them shine in their daily life and build beautiful relationships around them, all of this by playing taiko (a Japanese barrel-shaped drum) or by dancing the awa odori (a folkloric dance also known as "the fools' dance"). These popular art forms are an ideal playground to gather all together and party.



Tsunagari Taiko Center comes to Tsunagari village and electrifies your day with Japanese drums animations and workshops, as well as awa odori parades. Come vibrate to the sound of taiko with them!

Tsunagari Village

Tsunagari village (or the link village) is a new area where you'll get to discover five festive Japanese arts through varied animations. Go meet its associations and workshops to try out shinobue flute, sanshin (a plucked stringed instrument that traditionally accompanies folkloric songs), yosakoi (a sportive Japanese dance), taiko (a Japanese barrel-shaped drum) and awa odori (a folkloric dance also known as "the fools' dance")

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