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Cowboy Bebop photoshoot

Japan Expo 19th Impact is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of a legendary anime that has fascinated generations of fans: join the event alongside prestigious guests, in partnership with Sunrise and Dybex, and get a souvenir photo!

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In 1998, a new series shook up the world of animation: Cowboy Bebop was aired for the first time. 20 years later, it keeps on seducing ever more fans. Cowboy Bebop has left its mark on the history of animation, its 20th Anniversary is thus a huge event that Japan Expo is about to celebrate with you and with a panel of exceptional guests who have all played an important part in the making of the show: Toshihiro KAWAMOTO, chara-designer, Masahiko MINAMI, producer, Keiko NOBUMOTO, scriptwriter, Shinichiro WATANABE, director, and Kimitoshi YAMANE, mecha-designer.

All five of them get together for an exceptional photoshoot: come get a souvenir photo with them!

  • To get access to the photocall, you must get a ticket at the Signing Desk.
  • First come, first served
  • A member of our staff will take the picture.
  • To have more chances of getting an autograph, read the instructions for signings on this page

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In partnership with Sunrise and Dybex

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