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2001: Japan Expo 3rd Impact

Have a look at the guest list of the third edition of Japan Expo on this page!

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  • Éric ETCHEVERRY (voice actor; Kimagure Orange Road, High School! Kimengumi)
  • Brigitte LECORDIER (voice actress; Dragon Ball)
  • Éric LEGRAND (voice actor; Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya)


  • Michel BAROUILLE (anime theme singer; UFO Robot Grendizer, Choudenshi Bioman)
  • Liliane DAVIS (anime theme singer; Lupin the Third)
  • Enriqué (anime theme singer; UFO Robot Grendizer)
  • Jean-Pierre SAVELLI (anime theme singer; Harlock, UFO Robot Grendizer, Space Sheriff Gavan)

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