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Fans of the Evangelion series are invited to the EVANGELION2020 booth to get immersed in the saga and meet Yôko TAKAHASHI, the singer of the cult opening Zankokuna Tenshi no Te-ze (A Cruel Angel's Thesis)!

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EVANGELION is an imperishable work of animation with an incredible number of fans around the world: it all started with the Shinseiki Evangelion TV series which was an indisputable success. Studio Khara, one of the best in the world, then developed a series of feature film named Shingekijoban, the last part of which is to be released in 2020

Visit the EVANGELION2020 booth on the Saiko ! Japan area to discover a film presentation of EVANGELION and see reproductions of original drawings!

Get immersed into the world of this work which continues to attract people all around the world, and meet Yôko TAKAHASHI, the interpreter of the cult opening Zankokuna Tenshi no Te-ze (A Cruel Angel's Thesis), as she will be holding a performing on stage and holding signings. You can also discover her new album on the EVANGELION2020 booth.


See you at the Saiko ! Japan area at Japan Expo!

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