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Vu du Japon

Vu du Japon is a collective of youtubers who like to help you discover Japan.

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about vu du japon

The Vu du Japon collective invites you to explore Japan from different angles. The wide range of videos from the different members means you can fly to Japan in a click. But the Vu du Japon collective also offers a wealth of advice on how to prepare your trip or learn more about the history of the archipelago. Finally, you can discover and learn the Japanese language, while immersing yourself in the unique world of Japanese pop culture.


stand activities

Festival-goers will be able to watch videos by the various creators (La Balade du Sakura - Doc Japan - Gero Japan - Japaniste) and interact with them in a question-and-answer session, with the chance to win Japanese prizes. You'll be able to take part in their Photo Safari and win Jen. They'll also be offering Japanese food tastings and rollup presentations of each designer's work.


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