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FAQ for professionals

Read this page to find the answers to your questions.

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Q: What kind of photo must I add when requesting an accreditation?

A: You have to send us an ID photo via the booking form. It must fulfill all the following requirements:

  • Jpg or png only
  • Recent, good quality, showing your face on and on which you're easily recognizable (no mask, no costume, no make-up hiding part of your face, no snapchat-like filters)
  • 300 pixel-wide and 400 pixel-high at least
  • Portrait (larger in height than in width)
  • You're alone on the photo (no group photo or with your pets)
  • Color photo (no black and white, no sepia)
  • No more than 500 ko

You must be easy to recognize since this photo will be used on your badge to check your identity at every control.

Attention, you cannot send a photocopy of your ID since the photo is often old and of a bad quality when scanned.

Q: What is the difference between a Professional and a B2B Center accreditation?

A: The B2B Center accreditation gives the same rights as the Professional accreditation, such as the possibility of organizing professional meetings during the festival, but it also helps rights management professionals to meet with each other.

B2B accreditations also allow access to the contact information of other people with a B2B accreditation and the booking of a meeting room in the B2B Center.

A person owning a Professional, Press, or Participant badge can also access the B2B Center meeting rooms if they have booked one of those.

Q: I need more accreditations than my allotted quota. How can I get more professional accreditations?

A: If you need more accreditations, you can purchase them by sending an email to marketing[@]sefa-event.com. Professional accreditations and B2B professional accreditations are the only types of paid accreditations. By purchasing B2B professional accreditation, the customer agrees to share his or her professional contact information with other B2B professional credential holders. This condition is intended to create business opportunities between B2B professional accreditation holders.

B2B Center

Q: What is the B2B Center?

A: The B2B Center is a meeting area inside Japan Expo for rights management professionals. It helps them to discover and develop future successful licenses.

It includes seven meeting rooms to organize your meetings in confidence. 

Q: What are the B2B Center opening hours?

A: The B2B Center is open from Thursday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.
It is closed on Sunday.

Q: How to book a room in the B2B Center?

A: To book a meeting room at the B2B Center prior to the festival, you have to send your request at: b2bcenter[@]sefa-event.com.

Please mention the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your name
  • Your company’s name
  • The date of the meeting
  • The beginning hour and duration of your meeting
  • The number of participants you plan at the meeting

You can also book a room on site, at the B2B Center reception desk. We advise you to book your meeting rooms before the festival, to make sure to have available rooms.

Q: How much is it to book a meeting room in the B2B Center?

A: In the limit of available rooms, booking a room for one hour is free.

If you book two hours of meetings on the same day, they will be free if they are not consecutive.

If you have extra needs, you can book a room for a longer duration or get a booth by contacting us at: b2bcenter[@]sefa-event.com. 

Q: How can I invite my professional partners to meet me in the festival's professional areas?

A: To join you in the festival's professional areas, your partners have to request accreditation via the website http://pro.japan-expo.com.

To help their request to be processed quickly, please invite them to mention that they are coming for a professional meeting with you. This information will be considered when accepting or refusing their request.

Other questions

Q: You have other questions?

A: Please click here and contact us via the contact form! Please select the right type of demand (press, partnership...) to help us processing it as quickly as possible. 

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