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Yaya Han

Leading figure of the cosplay lifestyle, Yaya Han chose Japan Expo 20th Impact to celebrate her 20 years of career in this area that she helped popularize. Come and meet the one who knew how to turn a hobby into full-time profession!

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Yaya Han indulges in her passion since 1999, when her love of costume creation and design made her get her teeth into this hobby, which she managed to change into a real company. From a $40 sewing machine to a true cosplay icon, with more than 385 creations of her own, mixing together various genres but also her own design.

Awaited figure in the conventions where she holds several roles - jury, guest, lecturer - Yaya Han makes a point of democratizing cosplay to the wide public. It also involves television, since the cosplayer has been invited to many American TV shows such as Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy and King of the Nerds on TBS.

By appearing like some popular figures from pop culture, manga, and video games, Yaya Han seeks to keep her passion and her creativity: two tools that helped her get this far. And since she doesn't draw inspiration only from the manga culture, it comes as no suprise that she became a superheroine in the comic book Wonderous 2: The Yaya Han Saga.


Moreover, she tries to transmit this passion to others, through charitable projects linked to cosplay, in order to introduce this art and this lifestyle to the wide public. But also by facilitating access to this area for the newcomers through cheaper products: her collaborations with several creative business such as McCall Pattern Company or JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores have led her products to be sold in more than 860 shops.

In the world of cosplay, there is a before, and an after Yaya Han: her relentless work in this area helped it reach its current standard.

Come meet Yaya Han celebrate her 20th Cosplay Anniversary as well as the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo: attending the show all four days, she will be meeting you on her booth with cosplay prints and proposing her products on a second one, an opportunity to find the accessories for your next costume!

She will also be joining the jury of the European Cosplay Gathering Season 9 finals and holding a masterclass.

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