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Volpin PROPS

Volpin PROPS is a talented cosplayer, and this year he is Japan Expo’s guest, to meet you and be part of the European Cosplay Gathering jury!

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Volpin PROPS's real name is Harrison KRIX, a former graphic designer who is now building replicas from video games and science fiction worlds. He founded his own company, Volpin PROPS LLC, in 2010 that became a full career in July 2011. 

Harrison KRIX has the conviction that anyone can realize his own artistic creation if they are motivated enough. In the past 7 years, he had the chance to work for video game companies like Insomniac, VALVe, Bethesda, Bioware, EA, Games Workshop, CD Projekt Red and Riot Games. 

Harrison KRIX genuinely loves to bring things out from the digital world into reality, that is why he agrees to spread his knowledges to anyone who is willing to learn.


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