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The Karasu stage is the perfect place to discover new music artists and this year, it is welcoming Kamitsuki, a young indie rock band who will share energy and smiles with you!

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Kamitsuki (which means either “We will snap at your brain!” or “a being who is possessed by god”) is a young rock band created in 2016, with four members sharing various experiences. It makes their music deeper, with MiZUKi’s strong and tender voice, and the powerful and catchy backing track. This creates good harmony, like “ROCK meets POPS”. They address their songs to the hearts of those who feel unsecure or doubt; to tell them that their pain is not only theirs.


Kamitsuki gave their first concert at SUMMER SONIC 2016, the most famous summer music festival in Japan: an exceptional start for this young band. In March 2017, Kamitsuki released their first mini-album, Five Days After Infection of Vampire

Kamitsuki is now part of Japan Expo’s J-music Springboards: don’t miss this young band full of energy on the Karasu stage and meet them at signings on Thursday and Saturday!


"Kamitsuki is looking forward to joining Japan Expo 2017, because we are all anime fans. Moreover, Japan Expo is celebrating the 100th anniversary of anime, so it’s a great honor to act on its stage. Furthermore, MiZUKi is a cosplayer; she makes almost all her costumes by herself, and joins event of cosplays. She had made all the band members’ costumes for the Halloween concert they held last year.

This is going to be Kamitsuki’s first show overseas. We want to send our songs to you directly at the venue. And we want to see your smile because that’s the reason why we’re giving a showcase. We will definitely show you all a great performance at Japan Expo in France! See you soon!"

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