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Kamitsuki: signing

The Karasu stage is the perfect place to discover new music artists and this year, it is welcoming Kamitsuki, a young indie rock band who will share energy and smiles with you, and will take the occasion to meet you at signings!

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Kamitsuki (which means either “We will snap at your brain!” or “a being who is possessed by god”) is a young rock band created in 2016, with four members sharing various experiences. It makes their music deeper, with MiZUKi’s strong and tender voice, and the powerful and catchy backing track.

Kamitsuki is part of the J-music Springboards and they're taking the opportunity of their coming to Japan Expo to give a few signings!

  • To get an autograph, you must get a signing ticket at the Signing Desk.
  • Process: first come, first served
  • Signing material: an official product of your choice or one of the ex-libris given for free.
  • To have more chances of getting an autograph, read the instructions for signings on this page

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