Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022


JAGMO is the first video game music orchestra in Japan, and a quartet of talented musicians are at Japan Expo to immerse you in the atmosphere of your favorite video games through music!

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JAGMO means Japan Game Music Orchestra. Created in 2014, they are the first professional orchestra specialized in video game music in Japan. The group has already interpreted many legendary video game themes, from Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Romancing SaGa, and many more. JAGMO is composed of worldwide famous young musicians, who have grown-up with video game culture.

In 2014, JAGMO started with The Legend of RPG, their very first concert, followed by the series The Legend of RPG Collection. They continued with a series of chamber music concerts. In June, Legendary Magic and Melodies highlighted woodwind instruments; in August, string instruments had pride of honor with Legendary Shield and Harmony; in October, brass instruments made a stronger concert dedicated to fight songs, Legendary Sword and Rhythm, starring the famous jazz pianist Ai KUWABARA; eventually, in December, the Legendary Chamber Orchestra brought together all the instruments for the final show, a concert mixing video games, music and talent.  


In February 2015, for the first time, JAGMO played a Legendary Symphony Orchestra show in Tokyo, with 5,000 people in the audience, a record for that type of music. The conductor was Makoto YOSHIDA, a famous clarinet player who works with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Fumiaki MIURA, a violin genius, is a guest soloist. Kunio MATSUZAKI, the musical arranger of the themes of the rebel army in Final Fantasy II and of Hitori Janai in Final Fantasy IX has composed the violin concerto, a masterpiece between classical music and video game music.

From March 2015, JAGMO got known on the web by working with the company KAYAC, specialized in pop culture contents on the web. JAGMO is only debuted but the group is already spreading their wings thanks to a new vision of the symphonic orchestra.


JAGMO is about to perform their first shows outside Japan at Japan Expo, with a medley composed for this occasion, for a quartet. Come discover them on Friday and Saturday on the Take stage!

Come enjoy this quartet live: 

  • Mana ITO, violon
  • Kasumi HIGURASHI, violon
  • Noritoshi IKEYA, viola
  • Tomohumi SHIMANE, cello

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