Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

JAGMO's quartet - Showcase

JAGMO is the first video game music orchestra in Japan, and a quartet of talented musicians are at Japan Expo to immerse you in the atmosphere of your favorite video games through music!

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JAGMO is the first professional orchestra specialized in video game music in Japan. Made of young talented musicians, as passionate about music as video games, the group has already performed many concerts and played with famous guests stars. They interpret the greatest pieces of the video game repertoire: Final FantasyPokemonChrono TriggerChrono Cross,Kingdom Hearts or Romancing SaGa!

JAGMO is about to perform their first shows abroad at Japan Expo, with a medley composed for the occasion for a quartet. 

Come enjoy this quartet live: 

  • Mana ITO, violon
  • Kasumi HIGURASHI, violon
  • Noritoshi IKEYA, viola
  • Tomohumi SHIMANE, cello


More about JAGMO:

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