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An 18th Impact all about J-music!

The 14 bands and artists of the Karasu stage performed one after the other to give you sensational shows. J-music was also present at every corner of the festival with fun animations!

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The live photo album of the Karasu Stage

Karasu stage: spectacular showcases

Every year, many artists perform on the Karasu stage for crazy shows. And for the 18th Impact, no less than 14 bands were there to have fun with you!

J-rock band MAGIC OF LiFE, the performers of the openings of Yowamushi Pedals and Joker Game, was also at Japan Expo for two amazing shows on Thursday and Saturday.

The second J-rock band invited this year was MONOEYES, currently one of the most influential bands of the Japanese pop-rock scene. Its members as famous as the different groups they originally come from gave their first live in Europe as part of the Tohoku Livehouse Daisakusen project. You were 2,000 to assist to their show!

J-pop also joined in with 3 bands and artists who couldn’t wait anymore to perform before you. BREAK☆THROUGH“5D, a surprising boys band full of energy, made you laugh with its funny choreographies.

Astonishing too but in an all different way, the boyish girls of THE HOOPERS presented you their universe inspired from traditional theatre genres.

The World Standard made the day of idols fans with their kawaii show which softened the heart of the public.

After a three years’ adventure with Japan Expo, webstar UMI☆KUUN bid you farewell in an unforgettable showcase. If it were a moving moment, it was his endearing personality which once more touched you the most.

Two Animé 100 showcases took place to celebrate the theme of the festival. On Thursday, you could sing your favorite openings together with Kamitsuki, The World Standard as well as UMI☆KUUN. It was then the turn of Neko Light Orchestra, a pro of anime songs, to make 1,500 spectators sing at the top of their voice on Saturday.

New talents

Japan Expo spared no expense to present you the latest Japanese music trends. With the second edition of the J-music Springboards, you discovered 4 very talented young bands who debuted on the European stage during Japan Expo: Annin Showchestra, Kamitsuki, kukatachii and suga/es.

The idols contest Tokyo Candoll was back for its third edition which was won by notall, a social idols band very close to its fans. And this year, boys band EPIC STAR introduced Tokyo Candoll -BOYS-, the boy version of the contest.

On Thursday, yous discovered Toranoko Rammy, the winners of Japan Expo Rocks, a new contest which promotes J-rock. The atmosphere was electric with these artists as crazy as they are endearing!

Sakura stage: traditional shows

Place of discovery of traditional arts, the Sakura stage hosted about 15 music troupes and artists ready to present you their culture, may it be a mix between modernity and tradition like for KUNI-KEN, Kazumasa & AKIRA, Tokyo-rickshaw, Kaien and NeoBallad or shows which immersed you in Japanese folklore like those of .ekotumi., Fuka MARIWO, Gaho TAKAHASHI, Takarabune, Tsunagari Taiko Center and MisaChi.

The J-music photo album

More live shows

For the first time at Japan Expo, musicals were played on the festival’s stages, starting with the famous and very popular Touken Ranbu: The Musical which gathered many spectators on Friday and Saturday. The actors of Yowamushi Pedal, an adaptation of Wataru WATANABE’s manga, was also met with great success on the Yuzu stage and during talk-shows on the Saiko ! Stage.

Besides, the Saiko ! Stage hosted 2 idols bands with as much talent as the other,SUPER flavor and Nijicon. They also performed on the Ichigo stage before no less than 1,500 spectators.

Extracts from the liveshows of the 2 most famous virtual singers in the world, Hatsune Miku and IA, were projected to make you live the best moments of their shows. 1,500 of you went wild at Hatsune Miku's show!

On Friday night, the documentary We Are X, which tells the story of the iconic band X Japan, was presented to you by an outstanding guest: the group founder, Yoshiki himself! After the projection, the J-rock star answered questions about the movie during an interview emotionally charged before his fans who came to support him.

Meeting the artists

Every day, the artists met you at signings in one of the 8 Sumiré rooms to share a moment with you. You also had the opportunity to leave with a unique souvenir of Japan Expo by taking a photo of yourself with the artists with the festival’s photocall!

notall and EPIC STAR awaited you at a panel to come back to the Tokyo Candoll adventure on Thursday.

The day after, it was Annin Showchestra, Kamitsuki, suga/es and kukatachii’s turn to meet you at a panel to tell you their experience as participants of the J-music springboards.

Being gifted artists but also real gourmets, Toranoko Rammy’s members showed you how to prepare meals both delicious and kawaii!

J-music activities

Associations gave their all in order for you to enjoy the festival fully. The best dancers could face each other on games provided by DDR Belgium and Epitanime-JVM while BulleJapon, Forum Thalie, Kaerizaki and Tengumi had prepared exciting music games for you. You also sang together along BulleJapon’s unmissable giant karaoke!

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