Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Professional accreditations

Make your accreditation requests for Japan Expo!

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Accreditations are currently closed. You can not make your accreditation request for Japan Expo 21st Impact now. They will open in the weeks before the festival.

Yet, if you don't have an account on our accreditation website, you can create it now. Account creation requests are treated regularly all year long.


You have questions about accreditations? 
Please read the professional FAQ on this page.

Accreditation types

The B2B Center accreditation gives the same rights as the Professional accreditation, such as the possibility of organizing professional meetings during the festival, but it also helps rights management professional to meet.

B2B accreditations also allows the access to the contact information of other people with a B2B accreditation, and the booking of a meeting room in the B2B Center.

A person owning a Professional, Press, or Participant badge can also access the B2B Center meeting rooms if they have booked one of those.

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