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How to Make an Anime - Season 2 with XEBEC

Explore the making of an anime behind-the-scenes: Japan Expo and studio XEBEC are unveiling every step that led to the creation of STAR BLAZERS 2202 in this exhibit!

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The exhibit

In collaboration with studio XEBEC, Japan Expo is inviting you to enter the premises of an animation studio to discover how an anime is made, step by step. The exhibit How to Make an Anime - Season 2 with XEBEC is unveiling what goes on behind-the-scenes, following the making of the anime STAR BLAZERS 2202, the sequel to the series Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

How to Make an Anime - Season 1 had been organized two years ago in collaboration with STUDIO4°C, revolving around the film Harmony. Season 2 will be coming back over the varied stages of the production of an anime with further details, adding the description of the postproduction process too. The exhibit goes over preproduction (project launch, script, elaborating various elements), direction (story board, layout, key frames, intervals, sets), and finishing (CG images, setting the frame, photography, editing).

The exhibit features many illustrations, sketches, and drawings used to create STAR BLAZERS 2202. It is aimed at Yamato fans and anime fans alike. Both will discover the jobs of animation as well in the exhibit. An interactive space with drawing activities will invite attendees to follow the steps of an animator.

The exhibit gives a voice to studio XEBEC passionate team and invites you to discover their fascinating work, unveiling the extent of the tasks included in the making of an anime!

To go further in your discovery after visiting the exhibit How to Make an Anime - Season 2 with XEBEC, meet part of the team of STAR BLAZERS 2202: the director, Nobuyoshi HABARA, and two animators, Chizuru KOBAYASHI and Takumo NORITA.

Studio XEBEC

Created in 1995, studio XEBEC is a sister company to Production IG which is famous for producing series such as Ghost in the Shell, Kuroko’s Basket, or Attack on Titan. The name of studio XEBEC comes from the word “xebec”, a small sailing ship from the 17th century with three masts representing the three founders of the studio.

The studio first release was Sorcerer Hunter, before it started collaborating with other studios on world-famous series such as Shaman King (2001), Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2003), and Fullmetal Alchemist (2004). Studio XEBEC has also produced the TV series Love Hina (2000), D.N.Angel (2003), or Pandora Hearts (2009). To this day, it keeps on making amazing anime aims at the whole wide world!

Many thanks to studio XEBEC
for their collaboration to this exhibit

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