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Takumo NORITA has been keen on animation forever and has been dedicating his career to it for about 15 years. After Pandora Hearts or Broken Blade, among many more titles, he is working on STAR BLAZERS 2202 alongside Nobuyoshi HABARA and Chizuru KOBAYASHI, and he will be meeting you at Japan Expo.

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Takumo NORITA was born in Aomori Prefecture and was a fan of manga, anime, and drawing from an early age. He decided to live his passion and became an animator when discovering the anime YAT Anshin! Uchû Ryokô, which became his favorite show.

Within 15 years, he has been the chara-designer of Broken Blade and Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne. He has also worked on the series Fafner in the Azure, Mega Man, and Pandora Hearts. At the moment, he’s working on STAR BLAZERS 2202 alongside Nobuyoshi HABARA et Chizuru KOBAYASHI.

Outside his job, he is also a big video game fan. 

Takumo NORITA will be joining Nobuyoshi HABARA and Chizuru KOBAYASHI at the festival. Their work with studio XEBEC on the anime STAR BLAZERS 2202 will have pride of honor, with a dedicated documentary and an exhibit, How to Make an Anime - Season 2 with XEBEC. Don’t miss Takumo NORITA at panels and signings too. Follow our news for more information about his schedule during the festival! And to keep you waiting, we have this video of him drawing:


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