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Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary

Japan Expo is inviting you to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of a show that has left its mark in the history of Japanese animation: join the exceptional guests attending the festival and don’t miss the dedicated program that will be awaiting you on this occasion, in partnership with Sunrise and Dybex!

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In 1998, a new show aired for the first time, about to bring amazement and admiration around the world. The unique atmosphere of Cowboy Bebop, its charismatic characters, design, realization, soundtrack… were about to change animation fans’ and artists’ look on animation. Cultural references abound in the 26 episodes of the show, appealing to cinema enthusiasts, fans of western, science fiction, film noir, or comedy, as well as music lovers who recognize songs in the episode titles and enjoy the music of action scenes.

Cowboy Bebop has been casting its spell over anime fans and neophytes for 20 years, an event that Japan Expo wishes you to celebrate at the festival alongside prestigious guests. Each one of them played an essential part in the creation of the series. Among them, come meet Toshihiro KAWAMOTO, the chara-designer who brought its legendary characters to life, Masahiko MINAMI, the producer who made it possible, Keiko NOBUMOTO, the screenwriter who took you along unique adventures, Shinichiro WATANABE, the director of this matchless anime, and Kimitoshi YAMANE, the mecha-designer who conceived the Bebop and other spaceships. Stay tuned, we may have more to tell you about…

See you Space Cowboy!



The future. Wars and pollution made life too difficult on Earth. So, mankind deserted their blue planet and scattered across the solar system. The time has come for mankind to colonize Space, to reach for new frontiers. So was born a new Far West in which the modern pioneers have created a very cosmopolitan society. A new era has begun. This is the year 2071. Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, penniless bounty hunters, wander in space looking for a good reward, in an atmosphere close to that of the American "seventies". From one planet to the other, they chase the most wanted criminals. Danger doesn’t matter, more important is the bounty’s amount! Faye Valentine is a charming swindler. A bit of a cheater and a bit of a thief, she ends up as a partner of our two heroes.

These characters form the wonderful trio whose adventures can be seen in Cowboy Bebop, a series full of action, humor and digital special effects. Without any doubts one of the most beautiful animation series ever produced in Japan.

The guests

Toshihiro KAWAMOTO, chara-designer

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Masahiko MINAMI, producer

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Keiko NOBUMOTO, scriptwriter

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Shinichiro WATANABE, director

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Kimitoshi YAMANE, mecha-designer

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The festival program will be including a number of events dedicated to Cowboy Bebop, including panels with the guests, signings, meetings, games, and other events.

Follow our news to know more about the event in the upcoming weeks!


In partnership with Sunrise and Dybex

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