Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

European Cosplay Gathering

Prolong the European Cosplay Gathering experience by going to the event's booth and meet some cosplayers who have taken part in the contest!

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The first European Cosplay Gathering finals took place at Japan Expo in July 2011. Each year, the biggest European cosplay contest goes on European roads to attend various events and select those who will be facing each other during the finals at Japan Expo. The ECG thus allows selected cosplayers to walk on the biggest European cosplay stage, in front of 14,000 people coming to admire them, support them, and cheer them on.

Come attend the ECG Season 9 Finals on Saturday, July 6, from 5.00 pm to 8.15 pm on the Ichigo stage: a special evening including an introduction by Takarabune and the Dragon Quest Ballet to entertain you while you wait for the prize-giving ceremony.



The ECG also welcomes many talented cosplayers who have taken part in previous ECG seasons. Here's some of those you'll get to meet:

  • Nad (Season 8)
  • Sikay  (Season 5)
  • LucioleS (Season 4 et 9)
  • Milou (Season 6 et 9)
  • Nikita (Season 5)
  • Sumsum (Season 8)
  • Muralu (Season 1 and Season 8)
  • Shiroku (Season 8)
  • Chiko-chan (Season 8)
  • Kairi (Season 3 and 6)

Some of the ECG season 9 finalists will also join the booth. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet these talented cosplayers, learn more about the European Cosplay Gathering, and leave with signed photos to keep a lifelong memory of the characters they’ve embodied!

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