Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Ballet Dragon Quest

For the very first time in France, more than 40 dancers from the Star Dancers Ballet perform parts of the Ballet Dragon Quest! A breathtaking show that will complete the evening dedicating to the European Csoplay Gathering Finals on Saturday!

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Inspired by the nationally popular video game series, the Tokyo-based ballet company Star Dancers Ballet’s Ballet Dragon Quest was produced in 1995. It was the first show that combined ballet with the video game.

Ever since the ballet has been enthusiastically welcomed by not only ballet-lovers but also those who would otherwise never see a ballet, including Dragon Quest fans. It has been highly regarded as a unique and exceptional entertainment-ballet that successfully broadens the border of ballet. 

Come attend Star Dancers Ballet’s live show for the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo with extracts from the Japanese-born spectacular ballet, Ballet Dragon Quest, for the first time in France for the second part of the ECG Season 9 Finals evening on Saturday, set between the Finals and the results!



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In partnership with Dragon Quest and Star Dancers Ballet

More about the Ballet Dragon Quest on www.sdballet.com/performances/1907_dragonquest 

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