Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center


From manga to science fiction and video games, the virtual characters become reality in the hands of the Demo Anigetter lovers. Come discover tons of demos, expositions and initiations at their booth!

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Anigetter is an association from Orléans. Its aim is to promote and share the members' passion for model artworks under different forms whether it is on paper, plastic, resin, wood or any other material.

The association’s creations are inspired from many universes, like manga, animation (Japanese or not), video games, science fiction and more!



The exhibit, main attraction of the booth, has various types of models:

  • Papercraft: paper models of characters, ships, planes, mecha, buildings
  • Fantastic sword replicas: original creations made of wood
  • Cosplay models: costumes and armors from anime, manga or video game universes
  • Garage kits: handmade resin figurines representing characters
  • Plamo: plastic figure modeling kits of mecha (Gundam, Macross)
  • Scratches, aka personal creations, and original makings on various supports inspired from Japanimation.

Special exhibitions

Each year, Anigetter puts an anime, a manga, a video game, or an animated movie into the spotlight with an exhibition made of models, papercrafts, figurines and original creations, but also tie-in products. This years, its members present you two anniversary exhibitions:

  • Patlabor 30th anniversary: cause there's more than Gundam when it comes to mecha. There are also labors, those giant robots used for any kind of tasks.
  • Cowboy Bepop 20th anniversary: a Space Opera with starships, iconic characters and a jazzy original soundtrack!

This is the occasion to get a little nostalgic and (re)discover these two mythical universes!


All 4 days of the festival, Anigetter is demonstrating the making of papercraft, as well as the assembling, and also the painting of models and figurines.

These demonstrations are live, in front of the attendees and all day long. They are made by people who are passionate about these crafts and eager to share all their secrets with you! An opportunity for you to see that modeling isn’t that complicated after all, and has no limit.



  • Papercraft: try it and enjoy the papercraft activities organized at the booth, and keep the model you made yourself, you'll also get the papercraft competence (option use of scissors +5).
    Everyday and all day long.
  • 3D origami: in small groups, try this discipline proposed since Japan Expo 2014, between traditional origami and papercraft. The team will be giving you advice and the necessary material, all in a merry atmosphere.
    Two 1 hour-long workshops organized everyday, limited to 4 persons per workshop.


More about Anigetter on www.anigetter.fr

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