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Time for a brand new summary!

The announcements are piling up, so it's time for a little summary of everything you can find this summer at the festival! Check our news regularly to be up to date as Japan Expo approaches!

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  • Vicke Blanka: Vicke Blanka is a singer-songwriter with a unique and eclectic style combining rock, pop, and EDM elements.  We are honored to welcome him at Japan Expo, where he will give his first concert in France as our guest of honor!
  • BATTEN GIRLS: BATTEN GIRLS is a popular idol group based in Kyushu belonging to Stardust Promotion's Stardust Planet label and known for performing Yoka Yoka Dance, the fifth ending of Dragon Ball Super.
  • U&Pia: U&Pia has the ambition to create a utopia with their fans. The fans are symbolized in the group's name by the "U", meaning "you". They create this utopia by combining J-pop and K-pop to create a new musical universe.
  • Sera Amagi & Yuukineko: Sera Amagi is a talented Japanese singer-songwriter known for her haunting songs featured in various rhythm games. Together with the guitarist Yuukineko, they will present their captivating musical world on stage.
  • Yukka: With her melodic voice and guitar, Yukka spreads catchy tunes typical of J-Pop by mixing genres from rock to ballad.
  • Fenix Fatalist: Fenix Fatalist is an international cosplayer from Ukraine. She has been cosplaying for 15 years and has done about 100 cosplays and projects, mainly from video games and anime.
  • Bitchinas: Bitchinas, from the Korean 빛이 나 (bitchi na) meaning "I shine", is a group that specializes in K-pop dance covers.
  • Namja Project: Namja Project is a dance group composed of 20 members and based in Paris. The group has been sharing their passion for Korean dance and culture since 2018.
  • Shee'z & Hee'z: SHEE'Z is a group of young dancers of Asian origin. It is around their talent and their passion for K-pop dance that they came together. With the appearance of its male sub-group HEE'Z in the summer of 2021, the troupe now has 40 active members.
  • Lee Kwang-Eun: Lee Kwang Eun is the art director of WASAK BASAK, the studio in charge of the design of the smartoon Pick Me Up! published by Piccoma.
  • Rayton: With no less than five YouTube channels under his belt, Rayton is bursting with creative energy to deliver fresh and innovative content!
  • 096 Kumamoto Company: Created by the manga publisher COAMIX Inc., the 096k Kumamoto Drama Company is an all-female theater company based in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture. They are coming to perform their most popular play, Les Chroniques de l'extravagant Keiji Maeda - THE STAGE PLAY.


  • Tsunagari Taiko Center: Founded in 2011, Tsunagari Taiko Center is a taiko school and group based in Paris. Come and learn to play this famous Japanese drum and watch their demonstrations.
  • Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai: Yosakoi is a Japanese group dance, energetic and rhythmic. Participate in these dances that are a must at Japanese summer festivals with the Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai team and the Fédération de Yosakoi de France.
  • Animaniak: The association Animaniak proposes on its stand various activities, such as quizzes and blind tests about pop culture (manga, video games) but also karaoke.
  • Star Hill Team Diorama: Star Hill Team revisits anime and pop-culture classics by staging figurines in stunning dioramas and meticulously recreating settings.
  • Tohou-Bohou: The Touhou-Bohu association invites you to discover the vast universe of Touhou Project, whether it be its games that are as demanding as they are addictive, its lively music, or its colorful characters.
  • Infiniverse: Infiniverse is a professional development and creation studio specializing in virtual reality and new technologies. Immerse yourself in a cyberpunk world with their VR experience.
  • ART & DESIGN INSPIRATION : ATELIER MANGA: The association organizes initiation workshops around manga drawing and an illustration contest at its booth. Come and express your creativity with them!
  • Ligue Ile-de-France de Go: On the stand of the Go league, you will be able to learn this ancient game. The rules can be learned in just a few minutes, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, come and play a few games!

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