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Kodomo no hi: it's children's day in Japan!

Today, May 5th, is a special day in Japan. Called Kodomo no hi, this day celebrates children with specific traditions that you are about to discover!

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You have probably already seen these pretty carps floating in the wind on a pole. Symbol of strength, growth, longevity and perseverance, this fish is known for its ability to swim upstream and live in various environments. For its signification, it became the reference of this special day, symbolizing courage and success of children, wherever they grow up.

May 5th is then celebrated by hanging these colorful carps in the gardens, as well as on riversides, in parks or even near touristic places. Tradition is that people enjoy special meals, with family or friends, such as dishes made with carp and chestnut, chimaki, sticky rice wrapped in a bamboo leaf and kashiwa mochi, sticky rice filled with sweet red bean paste, all wrapped in an oak leaf. Now that you know all about this day, happy Kodomo no hi!


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