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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 1st Impact

2019 was the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo and there are a few weeks left for us to celebrate it before 2020 turns up! Let’s seize the opportunity and tell you 19 fun facts about each of the editions which led to Japan Expo 20th Impact. Let’s start from day one: the 1st Impact in 2000!

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On June 24-25, 2000, the first edition of the festival took place, set at EPITA and bringing together 3,200 fans of manga and animation, and Japan lovers.

Why Japan Expo?

Used to attend many comics and animation conventions, the festival organizers were trying to find a name for their own event: they set their mind on Japan Expo.

They chose this name which brought together all the themes referring to Japanese culture featured in the event. They found inspiration in America, Jean-François Dufour, President of the festival explains: “In the USA, we discovered that the biggest convention at the time was named Anime Expo. We wanted to go further than animation and decided on Japan Expo.”

Japan Expo 1st Impact key figures

2 days · 3,200 attendees · 62 exhibitors · 3,000 sqm · 2 screening rooms · 1,000 origami cranes · 150 cosplay contestants

We’ll talk about the hazards of event planning with the 2nd Impact in few days’ time: follow our news!

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