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Yoko TAKAHASHI: signing

The singer of the opening theme of the anime NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Zankokuna Tenshi no Te-ze (A Cruel Angel's Thesis) will be meeting you at Japan Expo at a signing!

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Yoko TAKAHASHI made her debut as a solo singer in 1991. Since then she has released 25 singles, 13 albums, and 8 best albums. Her most famous songs are Zankokuna Tenshi no Te-ze (A Cruel Angel's Thesis), the opening theme of the anime NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, and Tamashii no Rufuran (Soul's Refrain). Over 20 years later, they keep selling!

Don’t miss this cult interpret at Japan Expo: she will be holding a signing!

  • To get a signing, you must show a signing ticket (available at the Signing Desk).
  • Lottery
  • Signing material: an official product of your choice or a free ex-libris available during the signing.
  • To increase your chances, read this page to know how signings work.


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