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UMI☆KUUN - Signing

After getting famous on the web and conquering the hearts of the French public at Japan Expo, UMI☆KUUN’s turned to the music scene! Come meet him and share many happy fun times with him at signings!

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Last July, UMI☆KUUN bewitched Japan Expo’s attendees! After visiting Japan Expo Sud, and taking up a few challenges, he is back at Japan Expo. 

Come meet him at Japan Expo for signings!

  • To get an autograph, you must get a signing ticket at the Signing Desk.
  • System: lottery - When it's your turn at the Signing Desk, the lottery is performed by the computer. If you win, it takes a photo of you and a signing ticket is printed, which you have to show to have access to the signing.
  • Signing material: you can bring an official product of your choice. Otherwise free ex-libris are given for free.
  • To have more chances of getting an autograph, read the instructions for signings on this page

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